iFuck Part 2

Puzzle game”iFuck” comes with second variant and 14 fresh degrees. So if you still don’t determine exactly what you enjoy longer – anime porn with big-boobed anime femmes or sensual using actual versions – you may get both of them here! Each level of the game is a mystery wher eyou will should assmble image from those chunks. And not just a film but revived scene out of sensual movie! Some chunks will be revved upside dow and thus don’t leave behind to click them to rotate. Once you may put the lump in its decent position it will become inactive so you might focuse on the other chunks. Once you’ll address the mystery you’ll receive your reward – for every round you will acquire anime porn picture! And in case if you are still having this particular question on your mind – no, you do not require an iPhone to love this game. Play now »