Sexual Guitar

If you’re an old fan of”Bleach” anime (or manga) universe then most likely you’ve asked yourself what kind of songs will Orihimoe Inoue prefer? The response is pretty easy – the ones that will proveide her with finer fucking of course! That is right – in this sport you will see Orihime riding cock whilst listening to the music. The gameplay is based on”guitar hero” mecahnics – you’ll have to hit the proper buttons at the appropriate moments to maintain the melody flowing. The more appropriate notes you will require – the fatser Orihime’s pleasure will be hardening. However, if you’re going to miss a few then it’ll ruin her bang-out disposition. So to win yoneed to fill the enjoyment club sooner then missed notes bar. In case of succes you’ll be rewarded with jizz shot scene. In the event of loosing you will observe another scene… Play now »