Odyssey of Jon Snow

This thrilling and sinister video game transports you to faraway Winterfell. King Robert comes to the town to walk around and sip ale. In his midst is his queen, queen Cersei Lannister. A man known as Jon Snow lives in the city. He would like to visit the Wall of the Night’s Watch. One night after a party, Cersei meets Jon. Jon is intrigued by Cersei’s huge boobs and they chat. She is aware of this and suggeststhat they play a game. Jon will find Cersei naked if he can answer several questions. It’s up you to help Jon. When you’ve answered three questions, you’ll be shown an animated sex scene. Jon is being taken in by Cersei. The sexy bastard will play with the royal sex repeatedly and over. There are many more depraved adventures. Let’s start. Play now »