Intimate Cruise

Cruise! Is there any finer place to meet ladies that are hot and begin relationship together? Probably not! Because where you will see huge-boobed damsel willing to have an arousing adventures here and now? Not at your community shore thats’ for sure. So the story commences with Captain Davis letting one of his guests (hot blonde chick with really big tits) to utilize his intimate pool. Probably he had some plans for prize for being so kind but looks like his duty has kept him busy than he was expecting. So for a while our sexy blonde will need to joy on her own until someone will come and ruin her personal party… and thsi is definitely not captain! But that it was and alsowhat our heroes did next you will find out if you willplay this game yourself! Play now »

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

The daring and often wild experiments of the huge candy producer are not even close to be stopped and we invite you to dive into this by many ways exciting process once more. Take on the characters of “Candy Shop” and see them transform another dish into a chick who is fuckable. This time, it will be created from… Neapolitan food. Which actually might bring some difficulties for test-guy Andy since the whole laboratory will be transformed into a massive freezer in order to provide this experiment. We’re confident that he will come up with the solution, and will continue his duties of testing the Fuckability (does the word “fuckability” exist?) of this hottie (got it? Hottiewhen all else is cold Play now »