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Samus Aran (out of”Metroid” videogame series) is arguably among the most well-known sci-fi heroines. So who can she to fuck with this kind of reputation? Some like Master Chief (from”Halo”) ofcourse! The game itself is not too big. And it isn’t actually a game – it’s another among animated manga porn scene out of”Pinoytoons” studio. You will see Samus aran nonetheless in her zero suit working her butt really great to slip down and up toMaster’s Chief sausage (who’s also never tooks his armor off as you most likely know). But wait a minute – he is holding his gun ready to shoot so may be they just determined to have a quickie during a dangerous mission? Well, it’s quite possible with whorish londe ladies like Samus Aran here! If you love this animation then go to our site – we have more there! Play now »

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Hentai parody minigame where righe in the embark you will notice the star of”Metroid” videogame series and famous bounty hunter Samus Aran placing on the ground in a position fairly apporpriate to get fucked… and that is exactly what you are supposed to perform with her! You can do that in either automatic or manual mode based on how immersive the gameplay experience you need to possess. Also don’t leave behind to look at the additional customization options where you can select among few distinct backgrounds, choose one of hot outfits for Samus and to change several facial expressions of hers. The game is not long and doesn’t come with any story so that you may see it simply as some virtual quickie with a few of the very favored blonde videogame heroines. Play now »