Kanojo ga uwaki o shite imasu

Since it is quite visible already from the title the terminology of the game is japanese which means you are going to have some troubels with knowing the texts (if you do not know the terminology ofcourse). On the other side the story here is quite elementary and it’s possible to conclude the game intuitevly. In terms of the storyline then it is going to tell us about the girl who is suspected in adulterous which is why you’ll need to research her building in order to discover the evidence of it. Search the places, gather items that are useful, use objects out of your inventory to solve certain puzzles… and that while the housewife will soon be cooking! Overall there are just five (!) Various endings available so the treatment you can use during this improvised investigation actually matters. Play now »

Teenage Pillow Fighter

In this game you are going to take a part in a ruthless battle – the conflict that always occurs between sexy girls from the bedroom and involes lots and a lot of cushions! The gameplay is pretty easy for a fighting game – just punch every pillow on the display to send it flow into the rival! You and your rival both have lifes and money counts. With life count what’s clear – turn your opponent’s count into absolutely no before she has revved yours. With cash count you can by among few additional pillows – you will heal you while others increases the harm! Every time you strike the enemy she looses her underwear for any reason… and a few other sexy female takes her location! Just how many of hot sexy chicks you’ll be able to deal with in one sleepover night? It is time to learn! Play now »

BJ Country 3

BJ Country trio is still a new game in the show where you are still likely to do the same – you’ll be exploring the neighbourhood where sexy cougar lives almost in every mansion in order to get some private funtime with them. However, if you’re planning to go anywhere serious you will hav et perform certain reqest form each of thes eladies. In this game that this reqeust is going to be nothing else but to bring an erotic photo of the housewife that you ar einterested in to proove that you are her trully worshipper and only this way you can get some extras from her. The thing is some of these ladies were having pretty wild youth so you might find their photos on the erotic magazines covers for the begin but no one said that there won’t be any surprises in any respect. Now go and make this country that the playground! Play now »