Farm Stories

In this game you will be playing as ordinary man named Aaron who lives in a very puny town Blue Creek. There is not so muh fun things to do in a place slike this yet today when the schoosl is over and you are grown enough you are certainly going to add one very exciting activity to teh list. And this activity is to get a way to get into undies of hotties from fisherman farms in the region! So visit different locations, have conversations with characters, find out which gal has what interests and try to use this information to lure her afterward. Partly pursuit and partly dating simulator that this new game out of”Lesson of Fire” series will demonstrate you the way romance functions in the countryside! And country gals you will entice today? Play now »

Real Estate Agent

Your name is Francis and you’re a successful real estate agent. You get a large house, you look appealing and you are just 35 years old. But you alone. You give yourself a promise – to find a wifey within the next month. Look at the game screen. To start out with, your hero has several attributes, such as morale or weariness. Then examine the map of town. On it you can choose where to go. It may be city park or your office, in which you are able to rest. The mission of the game is to find you a wifey. For this, you will get acquainted with the nymphs, dance and have joy. Naturally there will be sultry lovemaking. Help your hero find a soul mate. Play now »