Rack [v 1.1]

In this game you will discover yoruself in certain lab where the ways of achieving an orgasm are being explored. For the purpose you will have four subjects – masculine and female humans and male and female furries. You can pick any one of them after which this character will be brought to the laboratory where you can try different actions on the subject in order to bring him or her to sexually satiated condition by taking part in plain minigame involving your controller. Explore the environment at serach for extra alternatives. Succesfull deeds will bring you special points which you can spend on additional features and bonuses but since this is an explortaion themed game you will have to figure out how they work by yourself. Play now »

Laboratory of Endless Pleasure 4

There are certainly mad scientists in the world who conduct various fucky-fucky experiments in secret laboratories. In this lovemaking flash game it is possible to view it. This flash game will inform you the story of ascientist. Experiments are being conducted in his underground laboratory. The objective of analyzing these experiments is to discover the link between anguish and pleasure. The objects of explore are earthly women. Look at the Monitor. You see the experiment room. Before you manage panel. Use the mouse to interact with it. And you’ll notice the way the fuck-fest scenes switch in the experimental room. It may be XXL tentacles, or anal dildo, or even a BDSM machine for hook-up. So if you want to take part in fucky-fucky experiments and love the pain, then let’s commence playing at the moment. Play now »