Kanojo ga uwaki o shite imasu

Since it is quite visible already from the title the terminology of the game is japanese which means you are going to have some troubels with knowing the texts (if you do not know the terminology ofcourse). On the other side the story here is quite elementary and it’s possible to conclude the game intuitevly. In terms of the storyline then it is going to tell us about the girl who is suspected in adulterous which is why you’ll need to research her building in order to discover the evidence of it. Search the places, gather items that are useful, use objects out of your inventory to solve certain puzzles… and that while the housewife will soon be cooking! Overall there are just five (!) Various endings available so the treatment you can use during this improvised investigation actually matters. Play now »

Oba12 Mother Fuck

This sexy looking cougar with indeed big tits you watch on your screen right now seems to be feeling herself lonely so in the event that you don’t mind to keep her a company whe will not offer the fantastic showcase of he rbouncing curves but might be even allow you to fuck her. Actually. Lets put aside any”may be” – she’s undoubtedly going to fuck with you right now! This very elementary story is created of few animated scenes which you’ll be able to advance through by these buttons that are blue. She will let you to love the view of her big tits. Then she’ll make your man meat by using thsoe big tit therefore fhers. Along with afte rthat you’ll be able to love a whole great deal more scenes wher eyou likely to get lovemaking in differnet positions. Blue round buttons will enable you to switch inbetween different chapters and not simply scenes however, the very first walkthrough is recommended in chronological order. Play now »