Mizuki Tour

From a slut that was just a busty one, Diva Mizuki is now a an international porn icon and she’s planning to boost her popularity by putting on a promotional tour throughout the United States. She’s got her own tour bus as well as Baka is the guy who somehow became her manager. They’ll be sharing plenty of fun and sexy moments together on the road journey. However, we won’t give any more details right now – if Diva Mizuki is your favourite person or you love watching her navigate big curves like hers then you must join her on this adventure to share in all the metaphoric bumps along the way! And ofcourse don’t forget to check our website for more games starring Diva Mizuki, if you haven’t played before! Play now »

The Phantom Penis – Part 1

Combine Charlie within her fresh pursuit and attempt to get to the myster of the Phantom Penis… or at least find out what it really is. Besides the significance of parody on”Star Wars: Phantom Menace” because it would be too effortless. So for the first-ever time in this game you will se Charlie sleeping in the motel room. You have a choice – keep watching her sleeping and waste your time or move the covering away and play with her beaver one nice minigame. After that Charlie will probably… be abducted by a few starnge aliens that turn out to be some sort of Rebellion who is going to end the tyrany of Microsoftly Empire and so forth. And under”so forth” we mean titillating and funny experiences of Charlie in different finishes of the galaxy. Oh, looks like this is really a parody on”Phantom Menace” after all… Play now »

Candy Shop – Chocolate

Chocolate! Chocolate! Finally those dorks in the Chocolate Co’s study team has payed attention to the dessret which deserves that most of all the other desserts – chocloate! It was prooved more than once that choclate has a lot of positive effects over human assets but what if a different one will be found by our men? Having fucky-fucky is not just joy and joy but also so needed physcial activity so making hot and fuckable chick from choclate definitely should work! So join our heroes from the new scene of”Candy Shop” show and determine what fresh summons they might need to overcome now using their brilliant heads, unbendably psychic and also big hard man meat of Andy that the Test Guy! Other vignettes you can always find on our site so don’t leave behind to check it. Play now »

Candy Shop – Lemon Drop

Another interactive game you will have the ability to cover over one day with. Thus, a adult male called Andy and his fresh co-worker arrange to take a cutoff thru the forest after they were on their own thanks for their work… and that is what they definitely staged as now because they spotted their manager doll and her helper attempting to pay 1 thing inside the floor! They might most likely run away or hide, nevertheless it is too late for thesethey’ve already been detected, which suggests they’re going to disappear although not a hint within the same woods. Or they’re likely to participate in a very new titillating, but maybe not necessary, safe experimentation! The opposite part of the story you’ll only solve if you play this game … otherwise you may play with it only to hunt out however achievable a woman generated from class and lemon sauce might be. Let’s start the game. Play now »

Candy Shop – Christmas with the Stewarts

Back to Candy Shop – where sweets can be revved into hot and pretty fuckable girls! And this is going to be quite special sequence as you might have guessed from the title – this time you are invited on Christmas! Actually, that the xmas soiree in the Stewarts house is quite bland… but just before children will probably go to bed and parents will get to your own bedroom. Here spouse will give his wifey a very particular xmas present he obtained from Candy Shop (even though he wasn’t ordering this exact present in a first location). What was inside big box and it may change the life of this family you will see only if you will play the game yourself! For other episodes from this hentai game series (and you can find quite lots of them) you are welcomed to stop by our website! Play now »

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

The daring and often wild experiments of the huge candy producer are not even close to be stopped and we invite you to dive into this by many ways exciting process once more. Take on the characters of “Candy Shop” and see them transform another dish into a chick who is fuckable. This time, it will be created from… Neapolitan food. Which actually might bring some difficulties for test-guy Andy since the whole laboratory will be transformed into a massive freezer in order to provide this experiment. We’re confident that he will come up with the solution, and will continue his duties of testing the Fuckability (does the word “fuckability” exist?) of this hottie (got it? Hottiewhen all else is cold Play now »