Shifumi with Faye

The game of shifumi could also be familiar to you by it’s other and more common name which is”rock-paper-scissors”. Ofcourse you know this ordinary game but did you ever thought that it can be turned into striptease game too? And our sexy looking erotic model Faye will gladly display you how it’s can be done! All that’s required from you would be to choose one of these symbols out of rock, paper or scissors while Faye will do exactly the exact same and in case you will happen to win the around then your opponent is going to have to take one off of her clothes components! In the event if you’re going to chance to eliminate the around then… wellthen you will notice Faye being blessed with no actual penalties whatsoever so sooner or later you will undress her down fully after which you will find a bonus videoclip as reward. Play now »