Elsa x Jack Frost: Don’t let it go

Disney Princess Elsa has something in common with Jack Frost, a folklore character who is able to keep the cold at bay. This intriguing coincidence didn’t go unnoticed, especially as both are having trouble finding a second half due to their distinct yet risky gift. But don’t worry, because in this interactive story, your favorite characters will finally have the chance to be happy and to fuck a lot… however only if you will be making the right choices as this hentai-themed parody is set in the wildly the most popular genre of visual novel. Let’s not waste any more time and find out what a hot winter could be! Play now »

The Massage Institute 4: First times

The experiences of the set of youthfull and hot rubdown institute pupil will proceed in vignette 4 -“First times”. Ofcourse the first time mentioned in the name won’t be for any of main characters but for the Charlotte – newly introduced intern. Now it will be on bringing her to the 14, Patrick duty yet hewill need to care for his many duties. So attempt to save the balance and make the decent decisions not to live through the day but also to spend it! The more correct your choices are sensual conntet’s greaterpercents you will unlock and enjoy. And it is very recommended to play the former scenes if you have not yet since they all are story oriented and characters. Play now »