The Phantom Penis – Part 1

Combine Charlie within her fresh pursuit and attempt to get to the myster of the Phantom Penis… or at least find out what it really is. Besides the significance of parody on”Star Wars: Phantom Menace” because it would be too effortless. So for the first-ever time in this game you will se Charlie sleeping in the motel room. You have a choice – keep watching her sleeping and waste your time or move the covering away and play with her beaver one nice minigame. After that Charlie will probably… be abducted by a few starnge aliens that turn out to be some sort of Rebellion who is going to end the tyrany of Microsoftly Empire and so forth. And under”so forth” we mean titillating and funny experiences of Charlie in different finishes of the galaxy. Oh, looks like this is really a parody on”Phantom Menace” after all… Play now »