Christmas Ultra Bounce

The arcanoid classics – the one with moving stage and the scrotum that are bouncing in all directions – remains alive and a few editions of”Ultra Bounce” game would be the direct evidence of this. Nevertheless this time you are likely to perform the very particular episdoe of this which is obviously dedicated to Xmas party! Avoid ball-sac of all sizes and colours out of falling down and you’ll unlock amaizng sensual and manga porn themed artworks which are going to be correlated with vacation season at one or another manner! For every specific amount of points you’ll unlock an additional picture in the in-game gallery . however, it is a good idea to stay focused on the game non the less – you also could love all the unlocked images without any dash once the game is likely to be over (either as you have unlocked all of the pictures or wasted all of your extra lives). Play now »