Bandit Breeding

What if you found out the story about a young girl who owes money the Black Foot mafia clan’s head? The thugs took the girl to the cafe where the boss was. He will be teaching the lesson to anyone who steals money and does not payoff outstanding debts. The boss orders the thugs to rip off the girl’s clothes , and place them on thebar table. And then the thugs begin rapping on the girl who is busty. They tear her tight and pink slit in half and then pierce her tight tummy. The girl screams in shame and pain and this only enthralls the thugs. They begin to kiss the girl with two dicks at the same time. They then flood her with sticky hot cum. The lesson learned was that nobody else will be able to steal from the mafia. You can play the game using your mouse. Let’s begin the fun. Play now »