LOL Tales

In this adult parody game you are likely to experince none but really three brief stories from the world of”League of Legends”. You can select any of these rigth form the begin but it is recommended to check them all anyways. Each of this story is going to have an introduction part and even some ordinary minigame that can lead you to fairly plausible for mature parodies hookup scenes inbetween personalities, villians and who knows what else creater from”League of Legends” (however if you are the admirer of this videogame then you probably will understand all of characters without a doubt). Overall nothing severe or summoning yet playing minigames will help you to feel yourself invoved and joy stories will make the bang-out scenes more interesting and fun. Play now »

Ahri hentai 3d – Huntress of Souls

To begin with you should know that this game is from StudioFow so it will take some time to upload all the wonderfull 3D aniamtions and hookup scenes that this studio is known for. But if you’re liking fantasy themed anime porn games and also know who is Ahri (here’s the sign – she’s one of the most famous characters in videogame”League of Legends”) the wait is going to deifnitely value the waitning. The story gives the role to you. It turned out that she functions as some type of bodyguard however she is not killer so instead of wrecking oneshe will turn you into her own personal sextoy… that as you’ll see isn’t such poor alternative whatsoever! Who knows how long it will last this way? Play now »