Robo Lab Game

If you like interactive 3D orgy games about robots and bang-out, then you will like this flash game. Therefore, the 2510 came. Biokinetics and robotics are going . In certain secret laboratory, sexual experiments are being conducted on ordinary young women. There is now A scientist exploring the possibility of pairing robots and damsels. Its objective is to attain human cloning. Robots and some strange devices help him. Look at the game screen. You see a petite science camera using a buxom dark haired in it. She had been frozen at 2152, androbots are trying to inspect her figure. To interact with the game, pay attention to the manage panel on the side of the game display. Use the mouse to give instructions to this girl. You’ll have the ability to participate in lovemaking with the object and not only that. Begin the game and discover out for yourself. Play now »