The Ghost of Halloween

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A suburb of Oklahoma. A young blonde goes shopping at the supermarket but rips a local tramp down. He is dying. The blonde forgets about him and goes about her biz. But a tramp’s ghost is ready to take revenge. On Halloween, he appears near the blonde’s palace and goes inwards. He sees a sleeping blonde and lovemaking fantasy comes to the mind of a ghost. So to get started, lower it into the cellar and take a baseball bat, gag and electrical gauze. Then go back to the blond in the room. Tie the girl with tape and gag her mouth. Then start touching the nymph for the intimate areas. Twist her pink nipples and slap her enormous bra-stuffers. After that, commence raping the gal in her chocolate eye. Utilize a baseball bat to do this. Get your sexual revenge on this buxom little dummy and do it now.

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