Strip Wordlingus

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"Wordlingus" is the erudition game about words whereas the word"unclothe" barely needs any additional explantion and this makes the main idea of this game quite obvious - you will be disrobing hot looking chicks by guessing the words! And yes, we said"chicks" from plural because unlike many other games of this genre here you can unclothe not one and even not two but three unique models by your pick! And when you are deciding which one of them you want to see downright naked very first here are a couple standard rules: once you will type in the word you will see that some letters will be colored in red (which means that this letter is based determined by it's proper place) and blue (there is such letter in this word yet it needs to be put somewhere else) so it will enable you to guess the proper term earlier or afterward (and it is finer to happen sooner because the number of attempts is limited).