Red Riding Hood and Gloomy Forest

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Gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood wishes to cook her grandmother’s delicious pie. She tromps along the edge and believes she’s home. She’s not prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in the woods. In a bid to regain the strength she needs, Little Red Riding Hood wanders through the woods to visit her grandmother. After a short distance, she meets a cool guy wearing a humorous green shirt. He actually taken out all of the wolves, as it appears. Little Red Riding Hood is thrilled to hear this. The dude offers to take Red Riding Hood to her grandmother’s home, but she needs some help. Little Red Riding Hood undresses and starts massaging her fat cock with her Tits. The man is delighted. He pours lots of sexy molly on the huge watermelon, and then walks away. Maybe there will be other exciting and sexually sexy adventures? The answer is available when you begin playing now.

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