Pussymon Episode 58

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The Pussymon Saga goes on and on and today you’ll be able to play with the 58th (!) Chapter of it ! To be able to handle with the outcomes of the former portion of your venture you are looking for help to recover the bot. And it appears there is a man or woman who might help you with this and it’s non besides Gurakan’s Queen’s sister-in-law called Zanya! Ofcourse she is not likely to assist you for free and at exhcnage for her help you’ll have to retrive her ring first and that you should commence your search at the Princess Babette’s castle. There you are going to get involved not just in the pussymon tournament but also to the intrigues of Queen’s bedroom but it is going to be the part of your venture that you’d love to epxlore on your own…

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