Peyton and Avery

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This is a narrative about two sexy dolls Peyton along with Avery and a single individual who can’t determine which among them he would prefer for the rest of his life so that it ends up in love triangle. And as a player you’ll need to assist him to work out this circumstance. And what are the optimal solution in case like this one? To fuck them both ofcourse! So consider that as your ultimate aim. Gameplay combines pickup simulator with point-and-click pursuit. You either choosing a proper dialog lines that can raise Peyton or Avery’s curiosity about you or trying to locate other act catches sight of when it’s going to be clear that just the words are not enough. Overall it’s another one fine game regarding fuck-a-thon and relationship in”Lesson of Fire” series so you can hope variative gameplay and also well made 3D artworks in the process.

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