Occupational Hazards Episode 2 V0.4.0

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How concerning changing into a cosmo adventurer and aiming at the far to the far corners of the galaxy? You can assume the job of an assemblage space vehicle transporter who participates in various sexy and enjoyable scenarios that attempt to make the work easier. Your name is Samantha, and you are 24 years old. You’re a cosmotransport pilot, and you are a transporter of cargo across galaxies. It is common to transport smuggled items. These include medicine, whores, or blackjack. To stay clear of trouble with the police in your area you must help attractive Captain Samantha find out how to get they are. The game is absolutely fun and you’ll be able to do whatever matter you wish. There are not any restrictions here. You are free to explore the universe, masturbate, and fuck without delay.

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