Kate’s Dressdown

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This game is for all who likes the opinion of sexy ladies dressed in uniform. And mroe – in this game you will not just meet hot looking officer becoming tired at the truck but also will have an opportunity to undress her right out there! All you will need to do would be to find a proper arrangement for deeds. For instance you can’t take off her pants while or shirt while their are straight up or she won’t allow you to take them off when she is not ready for that yet. In otehr words click on everything clickable until it is going to work because the worst thing that could happen is that she’ll put some of her clothes back. Once you will take all of her clothes she will get into the disposition and will allow you fuck her in a different ways – from oral to rectal! Short but nicely animated and drawn game for everybody who enjoys unwrapping hot lady prior to fucking all her slots.

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