Bonne Jenet’s Tentacled Ordeal

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A edible and big-boobed blonde named Bonne Jenet walked along a shore. Very Bonne Jenet and hot went into the cave. Something stirred and stunned the doll with a gargle to the head. Waking Bonne Jenet up sees that she is fully naked. Her gams and arms are immobile in unusual pieces of mucus and prevent her from going. A frightful octopus crawls out of the insides of the cave. His tentacles begin to touch Bonne Jenet by the gam curls and rubdown the chest. Andthe monster warms tenthals into the cunt of Bonne Jenet. Wow. This was sudden. But briefly Bonne Jenet begins to get high from the tentacles raping her pink holes. Use your mouse along with spots to change the hook-up scene. Start playing with and discover out just how Bonne Jenet and the octopus’s hump ended.

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