Adventures of Jaime Lannister

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After the war, Robert Baratheon has been named the fresh king and wed Cersei Lannister, Jaime’s sis. But she did not love him, she was still in love with her twin bro, Jamie. Follow our interpretation of how things can happen. Within this game you are going to learn about the experiences of Jaime Lannister – the famous regicide in the Seven Kingdoms, who is referred to as a false witness and a man sans honor. Throughout the rout of King’s Landing, the Mad King was killed by him. The misdeed of Jaime ismonstrous, since he was a part of the guard and made a sacred oath to protect his king. But Jaime enjoys chesty Cersei. And they have nightly incest. To fuck Cersei, then you will have to reaction a few questions from the book”Song of Ice and Fire.” If you answer correctly, you will see a romp scene in which Jamie fucks Cersei in her pretty culo. AndCersei deep-throats a stiffy and licks plums. There are orgy scenes in the game, so you will be satisfied.

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