Laboratory of Endless Pleasure 4

In this game you are going to feel yoruself as some evil genius who has build a laboratory with multiple displays, buttons and leveres for one purpose only - to have a lot of porno on his main screen! Try switches and different buttons to change not only the main action but also some smallish details as well. Enormous spears, distinct sextoys, tentacled creatures (most likely from outer space) and other titillating surprises are going to be under your control to deliver the major thing of your experiments with a great deal of sexual testings... or you could do it just for your fun. Try out all teh options and once you will find the ones that you love the most attempt them duo more times. Ofcoruse this gameplay is not hardcore type but it won't ictract you from lots of manga porn articles.

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Bonne Jenet’s Tentacled Ordeal

This game uses fairly favored hentai idea - hot female is captured by tentacled monster. And it did it with one goal - until she will be bred by it, to fuck her. There won't be story at alll - you will dive into perverted action right. Blond chick is nude and ready to get fucked in her vagina, butt or mouth. And you'll decide in the hole monster will probably be fucking her next. You are also able to combine choices - such as use not just one of her fuckholes but dual paned her or use all three fuck crevasses at once! Also you can trigger booster so the fucking procedure would be more intense. Son't forget to switch camera angles betwwen front and back watch plus also ofocurse love cum shot scenes every time that this choice is available to utilize!

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