Quickie: Toshiko 2 (Public)

Yet another short but still titillating experiense from Oppai Games studio. The game is made in novel genre and have nice art style that you very likely gonna like a lot. One more significant thing is that you can choose one of seven languages to perform it. For your game where you will spend most time studying dialogs between characters and making decisions depending on how you want the story to continue it'll be fairly usefull. S o kind and get ready to meet one both creepy and super-cute student dame named Toshiko. Perform not only and the scenarios right she will become your friend but even might become your fuck friend. If you luved the game then look for other games from this team on our website or may be even support them through patreon.

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Quickie: Victoria (Public)

If you want visual novels that don't take too much of time to play it yet still has truly nice artworks and the chance to make choices and switch the management of this story at certain key points then this second game from"Oppai Games" is exactly what you want. By the way this is a entire set of the game titled as"Quickie" that can give you the fresh girl in each scene. And today you're just about to meet quite beautiful blonde with green eyes named Victoria. Play the story as youdo at any othe novel games but pay attention to the minutes when you will have to make a choice - in this game series it is possible to get nad ending sans any manga porn or erotic scenes at all. Way too realistic if you will ask me... Don't leave behind to visit our site and play with girls!

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Realm of Sex

Wanted some colorful fantasy escapade where chesty ladies and noble knights will have orgy at any opportunity they will get? Then this game is what you are seeking! Enter tetillus' world - away kingdom in which prince Rick and his gorgeous bride princess Roseare attanding the Millus Castle to bargain grounds with the King himself. They will have a short stop for a quickie and this will be the very first time you will have to make a choice for the heroes. But choose wisely - every choice you will make will affect on characters relationships later on. It will affect on what scenes will happen or not happen including lovemaking scenes! Or you can leave behind about it and just love the strory where you will be led by your choices and determine.

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