Shifumi with Faye

Faye is one of those hot looking blondes who likes to tease her lover before showing him everything that she has beneath these black lingeries set. How? By disrobe themed games ofcoruse! And tonight she's in the mood to play a few shifumi (the game which you may know just as"rock-scissors-paper"). Well, at least this is not some gography quiz so depending on how lucky you are you wil undress this cutie down sooner or later. Just select rock, paper or scissors while Faye can do exactly the same and the one who will loose the round is going to have to take off one of clothes things (but let's be fair - you don't need to follow that rule unless for a few reasons you are going to want to). Draws won't affect anything and all that you will need to do in such instances is to replay the round.

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