Quickie: Sara (Public)

This book tells us a story about a night at the gym that turned out to remember. Our hero meets with with a woman with perfect buttocks. Plus it looks as though they're the only ones in the gym at that time. Her and you will get laid back.

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Quickie: Toshiko

Always was interested in receiving fast fuck-a-thon using conclude stranger girl you simply meet at the playground? Well, this game can achieve this for you! Just as it had been said you'll beging your match day with taking a stroll into the playground... where you'll get a cat! And if there is building cat then there's a cat proprietor. Who appears to be youthfull and quite shy dame! And just when you believed you can get nearer to her it's the rain started! Well, you may use this in your well also! How? You're able to walk to her home beneath your umbrella and state that a few more complements for her... Sooner or later you'll receive your chance to fuck this cutie at her place! Game is made as visual book with auto skipping options. Graphics are pretty good, there will be a moments where you're able to choose the way the story will go and romp scenes are animated - this is quite great visual book after all!

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Quickie: Toshiko 2 (Public)

"Quickie" is a string of short visual novels from"Oppai games" studio. It's a game for everybody who enjoys quality artworks and desicions which will impact the narrative of visual novels but doesn't have sufficient time to play them. And notice that today you can choos eone of seven (! )) Languages to play this game! This game will once again provide you an opportunity to meet with Toshiko not very curvy and a tinybit shy (which will not stops her from becoming creepy sometimes) chick. During your continuous meeting in college halls, in art college and even in online chatroom you will need to proove that you admire her enough to become her paramour... Just do not leave behind to look at our website for quickie funtime along with other hot ladies out of this visual books series!

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