Invisible Gazer

Have you ever wanted to be doing as a high detective with none risk to your life, but with an opportunity to fulfill alluring ladies? Then you need to perform this game! Your first job are going to be plain. Whatever you would like to try and do is just shoot some footage of the merchandise. Of course, this object are going to be a hot lady. And, obviously, you might got to take footage of her takes a douche. As a consequence of differently, what is the point? However because it's enormously hot in there, you will not only will need to creep to her toilet, however also wipe off some water the glass of these kiosk. And this can be where the gameplay commences - you will have to wipe the water off terribly rigorously so it does not even detect it, however you've got to wash it off enough to require nice footage. Located a balance? Then use the key to require a picture! Therefore let us begin the game.

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