Abduction 4 – Amanda – 3rd Day

Part four of an interactive flash game about abduction and violence against a damsel whose name is Amanda. As you remember, the rapist stole her and hid her in a box. So, today the rapist rapes Amanda in a pink slit and yummy bootie. In addition, this rapist has a whole arsenal of domination & submission devices for torture and wild intercourse. Have a look at the game screen. Then select a hump scene. There are 6 of them. Out of a simple blow-job to rough ass-fuck intrusion. Select the scene you like. And then look at how a sexy maniac rapes big-chested Amanda. He fucks her harshly and hard, disregarding her sobs of ache and tears. He loves to hurt lovely and chesty women. He loves to penalize them over and over. Therefore, if you enjoy this game and you need to learn the story of Amanda endedlet's complete the game at this time.

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