Marge Simpson

SEP-Marge Poker

People everywhere love to play disrobe poker. Springfield is not an exclusion. And who do you believe is your largest aficionado of undress poker here? It's non besides Marge Simpson! And if you still do not believe it then you're welcomed to play with her tonight! To divert you or make the game ven mor eexciting Marge will begin taking off her clothes much before you will start to play. But of course if you would like to see all then you will need to win the game earlier or afterward. Round after round your principal job will be getting all Marge's chips she can change her clothing to the charge of them to continue. Game has few of the view settings and a few will require some tiem to get accustomed to but for those who enjoy poker, striptease and Marge Simpson then you will like this game!

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