King of the Hill

Crossing Cups Naughty Cartoons

Crossing cups is the game that will let you to examine your concentartion abilities. And if your concentration abilities ar egood sufficient you'll be rewarded with a gallery utter of your favourite cartoon characters doing a lot of mischievous hot things! The game begins when dealer places a coin under one of 3 cups. Then he is rearranging them (the greater the lever - that the tricky and swift rearrange process will become). Now it is up to you to guess under which one cup the coin is currently. Every single time you will give the perfect response not you will get to the next level but also will unlock among manga porn images in the ingame gallery! You will see a lot famous and probably familiar characters in TV shows like"Futurama" or"King of the hill". Will you be able to recreate the whole gallery?

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