A Blonde in the Dark

This game differs from sex games. This game was created especially for Halloween. Your penis is ridden by some blond bitch. If you wish to cum you will be hit by her with the knife. But if you want to see the ending, just pay attention to Psycho Girl grin. When her lips start vibration - clickthe button.

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MrPinku Halloween Special

Mr Pinku seems to enjoy Halloween just as far as you do otherwise would he even attempted to earn a unique sequence to feast this? However, even if you're not such big of a worshipper of this Halloween night you may play this game for one more reason - this you will meed Jill Valentine and her unexpected buddy form a set of videogames known as"Resident Evil". And it appears that you're likely to like this game if you're a fan of both halloween and RE games. In terms of the game itself you will combine jill and her buddy in a story telling competition. Stories here will probably be advised through a system of imagining cards so you're likely to make it thru a great deal of fun, sexy and scary moments with a great deal of surprises! For other anime porn parodies on"Resident Evil" you can always go to our site.

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