Fortune Teller HiLo

Visit to a fortune teller may develop into an titillating occasion particularly if both visitor and the fortune teller are fairly hot looking ladies who doesn't mind to play some lesbian games from time to time. But in order to see each of their interactions you will need to proove that you are not a starnger into the cards . And do not worry, you won't need to read the fate from taroe cards or something like that - what we need for you is just one ordinary and fun minigame. This game is called"HiLo" or even"Higehr-Lower" and everything that is required from you would be to suppose will another card from the deck be lower or higher in it's worth compared to prior one. The more frequently you will succeed and your virtual opponent will likely neglect the longer segmenst of the flick we were speaking from the beigging of this description you may see!

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