Ghost Fucker

The massive city of Illinois includes an old and historical mansion. Once upon a time in the early 50s, a rich old debaucher lived in it. He loved to buy youthful ladies and fuck them in the cellar of the mansion. But the old fart dropped his spirit and fell beneath the carriage. Now he is dead, but his evil spirit remains on the unholy earth. The mansion is now abandoned, and localteenagers string up out there. However, the soul is still there. Sometimes he catches youthfull girls to fuck them. He enjoys rough fuck-a-thon and fucks chicks in the backside. This narrative has reached Ghostbusters. They came into the mansion to capture the soul. So you have to tear young women. And simply don't grab the eye of the ghost hunter. If they grab youthen the game is over. Are you prepared to challenge this game and fuck a whole lot of damsels? Then the story starts.

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