cup game

Strip Crossing Cups with Cowgirl

What's going to make any game like crossing cup really arousing? It is having hot and ready to unwrap down cowgirl as the opponent! In terms of the gameplay it is the great old (also called road-) game of cups. Three cups plus a ball under among them. Ball is hidden, cups are all receiving mixed. After mixing is done just choose among 3 cups that has ball beneath it. Every right choice is likely to make our blondie cowgirl to liquidate one of her clothes elements. After imagining couple cups at a row she'll also switch her pose for increasingly more alluring. But be carefull - if you will make the wrong decision she will put on among her clothes elements back! So if you are prepared to test your skills in imagining cups and enjoy sexy striptease from hot cowgirl - play this game at this time!

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