Planet Of The Monkey Fuckers

"Planet Of The Monkey Fuckers" is a title that"The entire world of the Apes" would have if it was a manga porn parody straight from the commence. And because this can be manga porn parody on classic movies (and some other thinsg which realted to it) you know that you're about to meet hot blonde Charlie once again! So no thing are you a fan of her melons or you also enjoy jokey and kinky parodies you're going to like this fresh game for sure! In terms of the gameplay it is old-school for the series of games starring Charlie. You love story the moments and humor and from time to time you make a choice between few options. The majority of thes eoptions will lead to a single character fucking anotehr one (rather than mandatory it will be Charlie!) . After that you can check other options or continue the narrative with the decision you made.

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Spider Slut

The Green Knob Gobbler is now, and it is up to Spider Slut to save the day... Peeper Parker is on the job as Mary J cigarettes up it, and JJ Johnson understands the entire scoop.

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