Sex on Beach with Kelly

Sex on the beach is a name of famous cocktail... but not in this game where you have such sweet looking fur covered dame called Kelly! Nevertheless Kelly functions as a witress in a beach bar. Oh look - here she is and she's in rush to supply the last order before she'll go on a rest time. Nevertheless she had been hurry too much and suddenly fell so today that the beverage is spilled along with her short clad is slowly lifted up! It could develop into a scandalous that another one customer didn't get his order but seems like he completely forgot about it now everything he wants is this sweet donk exposed to his opinion. 1 minute - and here he is in position to fuck this skimpy itress directly onto the sand! And from the way this when the gameplay commences - click active zones of Kelly's sexy assets to utter each of the pleasure meters and find out what happened later!

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A duo of youthful teenagers are resting on a sunny beach and conversing at ease. It certainly appears that there aren't a lot of people around the beach. And the interest of women is missed by them. Unexpectedly, three big-titted and lovely stunners come to the beach. They came to go surfing. Guys wish to meet gals and come closer. An intriguing dialogue embarks. So your job is to help these men have bang-out with femmes. To do this, you have to choose the dialogue choices that are perfect. Furthermore, use a mouse to interact with objects or with the main characters. For instance, clicking inthe glass you can pour the champagne and treat the gals. .

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