Rogue Courier Episode 2

A big update to the second part of the intriguing flash game Rogue Courier. The beautiful Kuya is your captain of a spaceship. 1 afternoon, he discovered a girl with amnesia in the freight. For some reason, after the minute, it turned into a nightmare. He had a good deal of problems, and also had to struggle for his life together using all the Imperial Dragon Army. Lastly, the fresh damsel became the captain of the boat. From this point on, the second element begins. Thus, you have to control a spaceship, kill pirates, rob shuttles and research a remote galaxy. You will also need to go to the spaceport to sell things and refuel your spaceship. You can go to the Cantina and then fuck a big-chested doll. But do not be distracted from the main mission. . Therefore, in the event you wish to go on a space venture, do it at this time.

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