Juicy Futa Avatar Maker v0.1.0

You have probably already seen the game"Juicy Futa" on our website and may be you've even played it what you were not able to do back then would be to create your own hermaphroditism personality... and which is clearly will probably be motionless in this smallish addition! So get prepared to play with a great deal of parameters for your character to make unique looking hermaphroditism which are going to be answering all of your perosnal thoughts and wishes! It's possible to change such evident items as hairstyle (comprising 2 areas) and the facial expressions but ofcourse you could also attempt unique choices with teh size and form of fun bags and ths dimensions and shape of hermaphroditism hard-on too! Additionally with intriguing mixture of dark and milky pixel artstyle this game may take your attention for a longer time than you probably expect.

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